You are currently viewing Ol jogi Wildlife Conservancy, the hidden gem in Africa

Ol jogi Wildlife Conservancy, the hidden gem in Africa

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Located in Nanyuki Town, Kenya, Ol jogi wildlife Conservancy prides to have the ultimate private Kenya bush retreat. And I absolutely concur. This Kenya Safari Lodge is surrounded by towering Kopjes and nestled within a protective rock outcrop. This is definitely the place to be if you are looking for a calm and peaceful get-away experience.

Sitting on 60,000 acres of virgin land, the conservancy has existed for 30 years under the Wildenstein private family ranch. The rooms and suites are well-hidden in lush foliage and can only accommodate 14 guests at a time. This gives room for each guest to have a wholesome experience of this nature-rich conservancy.

From the beautiful gardens, trickling and tumbling waters and the bright green short trodden grass, the landscape of the conservancy is quite the sight to behold. Guests to the conservancy get to enjoy unique culture-defined finishes and designs inspired by local art. The conservative is distinctive from other destinations with its massive landscape and captivating sceneries.

Ol Jogi is fully committed to preserving its wilderness and it’s home to endangered black rhinos, grevy’s zebra, elephant, lion, cheetah, and wild dog. But the true magnet to Ol jogi Wildlife Conservancy is the African bear. It is the only bear in Africa known as Potap(Russian for bear) and was donated from Moscow at only 4 months.

Tourists to Ol jogi get to choose from a range of activities to connect with this massive hidden gem:

  • Horseback riding
  • Game drives
  • Nature walks
  • Baboon walking experience
  • Bird-watching
  • Helicopter-tour (at additional cost)
  • Visit the wildlife rescue center and veterinary clinic

Aside from the wild, Ol jogi offers room to fully explore the safari lodge with the following facilities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Spa and steam room
  • Fitness Centre
  • Television room and film library
  • Games room
  • Tennis court
  • Wood burning fireplaces

The following are the Charges:


  • Adults- Kshs. 800
  • Child–Kshs. 350(From 3 to 12 years)


  • Adults- $ 60
  • Child- $ 40(From 3 to 12 years)


  • 5Seats Kes1000/ $10
  • 6-14 Seats Kes2500/ $25
  • 15 – 25 Seats Kes4500/ $45
  • 26 Seats and Above Kes6500/ $65

Looking for an escape into the wild? Visit Ol jogi Wildlife Conservancy and explore this magical and peaceful haven today!


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  1. admin

    Have you visited Ol jogi Wildlife Conservancy? What was your experience?

    1. Sue

      Yes, i have been there. The place is spectacular! My highlight was meeting Potap(the bear)

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