We provide young people with international volunteering placements in schools and local organisations in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania for 8 weeks during the University summer period.

Working alongside national volunteers through our Volunteer Partnership Programme, packwego volunteers work in, community resource center, community projects, educational placements as teaching assistants; assisting with English language learning and youth issues. Volunteers are also encouraged to facilitate and support extra-curricular activities for learners and create links between local Non-Governmental Organisations and their placements.

Our aim is to connect volunteer travellers globally with grassroot community projects across Africa. All our projects are organized in collaboration with the host community, and hence all the charity work goes to benefit members of the community. 

We are slowly embracing¬† “volunteer tourism” giving our clients the opportunity to change lives while exploring the unique & diverse culture of these African communities.¬†

If you'd want to contact us regarding our volunteer work, send us a message here: