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We ended the year on the beautiful islands of Homabay

I had been on a quest for the last 3 months looking for the perfect destination for the month of December.

I had to go out of my way to find the ultimate destination. I wanted to give the best experience to our tourists to end the year in style. And why not? It’s been quite the year. Elections, inflation, you name it, and you’ll find it in 2022.

I needed something different. Something new and exciting. And Homabay it was. Lake Victoria is just what my crowd would need. And it’s not just about the Lake, it’s the people, culture and tradition. In the long-run, it’s those unique human interactions that make the difference.

And being that most of my clientele, reside in Rift Valley, this sounded like the perfect get away.

Now all I had to do, was to find the best sites and identify the perfect spots for the trip. Easy peasy.


It’s the 26th of December.

I’m excited. The day is finally here. I got a great feeling about this trip.

It’s 8:00 am and I’m done getting ready. I step out, as the driver was driving in, and off we go to the meeting point. Luckily, everyone was on time at Safaricom House, Nakuru.

Even amid the morning hustles, you could smell the excitement and enthusiasm in the air. I live for this moments.

We started our journey from Nakuru at around 10:30 a.m. As we travelled, we sang, laughed, and bonded our way to Homa bay. A journey of about 5 hours it was.

We arrived at Mbita, Homabay at around 3:00 pm and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Whitestone resort. It was a good way to end the first day as we were pretty much worn out from the journey.


Day 2

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. It’s 8.00 am and i’m up. I get ready and step out of my room. I’m hoping the rest of the group are ready too. Thankfully, everyone stuck to the routine. We have our breakfast as we made fun and laughed hard.

In 30 minutes, we are all done and are ready to crush this day.

We join another group from Nairobi, and we all boarded a Water bus to Takawiri Island resort.

In no time, we had made it to Takawiri Island Resort. The scenery was just breathtaking. We could feel the breeze in the air, as soon as we arrived.

It’s like the Lake was inviting us. And we had to oblige. In a few minutes we jumped in the waters. A good swim is just what you need to lift your spirits. Add that with some great company. And you have one of the most outstanding experiences.

We spent about 2 hours swimming, and before you knew it, it was already 2 p.m. We had to re-energize. And what other way, other than some good fish and Ugali. I have to say, the taste of fish here, was just phenomenal. I mean its Lake Victoria.

We had a few drinks as we made merry. And we probably had too much fun that the Water Bus left us. Funny. We had to hire a boat back to Mbita Island. We were intoxicated and that boat ride back to Mbita was just epic. Not a single moment passed without a hearty laughter.

In no time, we made it back to Mbita Island. We had to end the day on a high note, and Club oxygen, that was just nearby, made the cut.

We had quite an interesting encounter with some chaps that we met here. They first started with “Sisi ni watu wa County ” ; some more alcohol and they went to “Sisi ni watu wa DCI”, then “Sisi tunafanya na Politics”, then they finally settled to “Sisi ni Juras” (presumed to be working with Judiciary). Our beautiful divas had definitely compelled these folks.

We drank, danced, as we bonded.

Then a local informed us that there was on ongoing Disco Matanga at a nearby Boma. We had to make it there.

As always the Boma had one of those interesting names”Mwalimu Mark”. Luos definitely go over and above in naming.


And Whooah. This Disco Matanga was so lit. There’s just some authentic experience you get when you bond with the locals. The classic local music heightened the encounter to exponential levels. What a day!


Day 3

It’s the third day, yet it feels like we just got here.

The destination is Rusinga Island. This Island is captivating in every way possible. We were all in awe. Later we visited the Tom Mboya Mausoleum nearby. We had an in-depth learning session about this great man who went down in history as one of the founding fathers of the Republic of Kenya.

Our day wasn’t made if we hadn’t jumped in for a swim. And that’s exactly what we did at White stone beach resort. And Kayaking had to be part of it. Kayaking has to be one of the most bonding, and team work activities. The simple joy that came from it was out of this world.

We later settled down for a meal.

As we enjoyed our meal, we had quite an interesting conversation with one of our hilarious ladies. We call her the 5th. She broke our ribs with laughter. “Something must kill a man”, “Man must die”, She went on. She definitely brought out the spark that this trip needed.

We did some fishing while interacting with the locals. A photography session had to be part of it as we had to hold these memories.

And guess what, we had a “birthday baby” among us. The birthday cake brought us all together, singing “Happy Birthday” in harmony, while feasting on the cake. I don’t think it gets better than this.

We then ended the night around a bonfire, reminiscing of the wonderful moments we had on this trip. Live, laugh, and love was always the agenda. That’s what we live for here, at Packwego Africa. And this trip definitely went above and beyond. It’s one of those trips that makes you fall in love with life.

Join us on the next trip. Let’s show you why we are the junkies of adventure.

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