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Nairobi National Park: A unique wildlife park located just outside the city center, known for its large populations of lions, giraffes, and rhinos.

Discover the true adventurous spirit of Kenya at Nairobi National Park which is located near Nairobi city. Famous for its great lion, giraffe, and rhino numbers which can be viewed against the backdrop of Nairobi city from a distance, Nairobi National Park has gained its popularity. Go for a long hike in the open Savannah plains and Steep slopes, have an eye on the wild animals and birds, and also get a look at the Ivory burning site monument. An adrenaline rush of wildlife and natural sightseeing mixed with the hustling and bustling of a rapidly growing city is what you are guaranteed to find in Nairobi National Park.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: An elephant orphanage where visitors can learn about and interact with rescued elephants.

See the work that promptly is accomplished by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where these elephants found in this trap and others get home and where there is an organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of as many of the many elephants that have been orphaned in the wild as possible. Among the most beautiful animals that one can come across in this country is a giraffe and luckily in Nairobi there is a special center that will enable people to see how these animals play. Come to know about the feeding & Mud bath Activity, having close encounters as well as listening to the wonderful rescue/nut excitement stories. It is what one has always wanted to do in their lifetime and a dream that will play a great role in supporting the various conservation and wildlife goals in most areas making one appreciate wildlife.

Giraffe Centre: A conservation and education center where visitors can feed and learn about the endangered Rothschild giraffe.

Visit the Giraffe Centre; with programs focusing on the Rothschild giraffe, this is a quintessential family attraction for any traveler. Located in Nairobi, Kenya, this wildlife conservatory lets the visitor hand-feed these animals and have an up-close look at the gentle giants. Exploring more about the lives of giraffes got closer to their lives as talented guides enlighten their guests on conservation strategies. This will perhaps be the most inspiring adventure as you feed these endangered animals and form vital bonds while performing a critical mission of protecting them. Yet, with every leg progressed at the Giraffe Centre, there is the possibility of creating a better tomorrow for these magnificent animals.

Karen Blixen Museum: The former home of the famous author of “Out of Africa,” offering a glimpse into her life and times.

To get into this fascinating colonial Africa, you can visit one of the popular sights – the Karen Blixen Museum, which is the house where this writer was living when she wrote ‘Out of Africa’. Nairobi is home to this historic house that gives the fans of the writer a glimpse into his life and years. Pass through the apartments that belonged to Blixen together with the belongings of the pastime atmosphere. Deepen your understanding of Jane’s background, inspired by her literary works, as you wander around gardens. This is an immersion into the life of a story writer, a renowned literary celebrity.

Nairobi National Museum: A museum showcasing Kenya’s rich heritage, including exhibits on natural history, culture, and art.

Enjoy a collection of cultural masterpieces at the Nairobi National Museum that provides information about the rich history of Kenya. Welcome to a world that blends nature, culture, and art in an attempt to showcase history Kenya is a nation that is made up of various people and it has a rich history that can be told through history, art, and culture. Stroll through the stunning halls that tell visitors about the diverse and unique world of animals, the early/prehistoric roots of the populace, and the modern creative contributions. With artificially displayed fossils to pieces gathered from traditional tribes, the museum provides an insight into the history of Kenya in the days of yore, and the at present and future.

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