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23 tour packages to explore

Kenya is one of the wealthiest countries in East Africa which is blessed with the most beautiful land cultural features and abundant wildlife. With its majestic scenery, Kenya has become familiar with the world’s famous plains of Maasai Mara which is East Africa’s premier game viewing park that hosts the annual migration of two million wildebeests and zebras. With an assortment of wildlife destinations that include national parks and reserves like Amboseli and Tsavo, it boasts of the big five which are lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino to mention but a few for a thrilling safari.

Besides its wildebeest, Kenya has a beautiful coast where the Indian Ocean touches the country, beautiful beaches that include Diani and Lamu that tourists can take holidays and enjoy other natural endowment of this fabulous country- water sports, and beautiful coral reefs for snorkeling and diving. The capital of Kenya, Nairobi, combines the spirit of the modern city, the coast city of Mombasa, which boasts the history of Kenya and has markets, museums, and historic buildings of colonial origin.

Kenya is home to so many ethnical groups and its uniqueness is reflected in the music, dancing, and traditional arts and crafts which remind people about the hospitality of the country. Trekking up Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain in Africa is an achievement that every adventurer would want to achieve. Explore other features of the Great Rift Valley such as geological and human beings’ footprints in the Wold at Olorgesailie.

For adrenaline-charged wildlife viewing, relaxing beach holidays, or as a cultural hub, Kenya holds out the promise of unique holiday experiences as well as warm Kenyan hospitality; thus leaving everyone with sweet memories.

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