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6 tour packages to explore

Rwanda, famously known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ is one of the famous tourist attraction sites in East Africa with a beautiful landscape, swell culture, and salty and sour taste of the wildlife. The physical environment includes hills and dales, beautiful valleys, and a breathtaking aqua village with natural nice features that make the country a recreation for nature lovers and people interested in adventurous activities.

Some of Rwanda’s most famous tourist destinations include the Volcanoes National Park which houses the tall and mighty mountain gorillas. To see these amazing gentle giants in the natural environment through the green dystrophied misty rainforests is a dream come true. More so, the park harbors the easily recognizable and endangered species of monkeys; the Rwenzori’s golden monkeys, and technically challenging trails like the Karisimbi climbing trails.

Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s Great Lakes, has clear water, perfect time for swimming, and sandy beaches, it has a beautiful environment for kayaking and to go for boat rides. The beautiful coastal area is complemented by such lovely towns as Gisenyi and Kibuye where travelers are offered a chance to admire the traditional markets, taste exquisite seafood, and observe the peculiarities of Rwandan traditions.

It is, in particular, necessary to note that Kigali is Rwanda’s capital and the given city is quite contemporary, however, some elements of tradition are still present. Some of the places of interest are the Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum to learn more about Rwanda’s past and how it came to rise from the ashes as it is today. The city today offers many market hubs, arts and craft outlets as well as an exciting range of food and beverages that reflect the Rwandan culture and innovation.

The Akagera National Park lies in the north-eastern part of Rwanda and has the wildlife strength of a standard savanna reserve, where tourism involves lion tracking, zip-lining, boat rides, and guided tours through the park where you can see the elephant, lion, zebra, hippo, etc. A visit to the park offers a rich experience as it covers different ecosystems like the savannah and wetlands, which means it is also a good place for bird-watching and trekking.

In Rwanda, for instance, our commitment to sustainability and conservation objectives means that the natural gifts endowment and the cultural heritage assets will remain intact for time unknown. Rwanda is a country rich in experience, warm welcoming hearts, and safe havens; a place that holds great holiday potential and solemn attraction.

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