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A thrilling experience for Packwego at Hellsgate

2023 was quite the year.

Packwego had experienced exceptional growth. I had no idea the brand could take off to this level 4 years ago.

Having travelled to major tourist destinations, I thought Hellsgate would be the perfect spot to spice things up a bit.

I have previously visited Hellsgate before and each ordeal stood out every time.

That’s what I would want for my Packwego family.

After getting in touch with our previous tourists, most of them expressed interest in having a small getaway to Hellsgate.

And hence I started preparations for this trip.

It was set on 12th December, 2023.

I looked forward.


The day finally came.

I was stoked.

Especially because it was on Jamhuri day.

And it was an excellent way to set the trend for December.

Being that our tourists are from Nakuru and Nairobi, we had 2 teams.

The Nakuru team had Safaricom house as the meeting spot and the Nairobi team had Kencom.

It took us about 2 ½ hours to arrive to Naivasha from Nakuru. Our Nairobi team arrived a little later and we were ready to crush the day.

We shopped for some snacks and off we drove to Hellsgate.

With just a 30-minute drive from Naivasha, we made it to Hellsgate National Park.

You could feel the excitement in the air.

Everyone was pumped to explore this get-away spot.

Through the Elsa gate we made entry to the National park.

We did a wholesome game drive through the park and made a stop at the gorges, Hellsgate Park; enjoying scenic views of wild animals and landscapes.

Hellsgate Park is home to buffalos, baboons, hyenas, giraffes, big cats and over 100 species of birds.

We could barely hide the enthusiasm we had while cruising through the park.

We then proceeded to geothermal hot spa that’s just about 750m away. And from the point of entry you could tell the distinct smell of sulphur & silica.

The geothermal hot spa is your ideal spa if you want to heal skin conditions & rejuvenate your skin. We jumped into the seemingly large hot spa.

The hot spa comes with an adult and childrens’ pool.

The waters were relatively cool for a good swim being that it was a sunny day.

We were made to understand that the spa goes through a couple of pools to cool down the waters to favorable conditions for people to swim.

It was truly an ecstatic experience.

A 22 min drive led us to Lake Oloidien.

Commonly known as the Flamingo paradise, Lake Oloidien was formerly a part of Lake Naivasha and its home to about 7 families of hippos.

It was the perfect spot for a Yatch cruise party. And a lucky day it was for our December babies as they had quite a memorable “cake-cutting” birthday celebration while cruising in the beautiful waters of Lake Oloidien

And we heightened the adventure by making a final stop at Lake Naivasha beach.

A trip to Naivasha wasn’t complete without some tilapia and ugali. Add that with a phenomenal sunset view and you have the trip of a life time.

That’s how we do it at Packwego Africa.

By Mr. Davis- Pack-we-go Africa CEO

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