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Bungee Jumping: Popular adventure activity in various locations.

Discover the top enjoyment with bungee jumping which is a high-risk and high-reward type of fun activity, which takes place in stunning spots all over the globe. A heart-stopping trick that involves jumping off bridges, sheer cliffs, or specially built stages into the air, often with the backdrop of spectacular scenery below. Experience the adrenaline rush of jumping off a bridge and the excitement of being tied to a bungee cord and stretching your neck to feel the craziness of the elastic cord that you look like jumping on a trampoline. For the first-time jumper or the veteran thrill-seeker, heights bungee jumping will offer the experience of a lifetime which will make you feel free empowered, and alive. Do something you have never done and probably never will – experience the magnificent jump with Bungee Jumping!


This three-day itinerary offers a thrilling bungee jumping adventure with time to enjoy additional activities or simply relax and soak in the surroundings.

Arrival and Orientation

Arrive at your destination (e.g., Victoria Falls, New Zealand, or Costa Rica) and transfer to your hotel or lodge. Spend the afternoon settling in and exploring the area at your leisure. In the evening, attend an orientation session where you will meet your instructors and fellow jumpers. Learn about the bungee jumping process, safety procedures, and what to expect. Enjoy a welcome dinner and get a good night’s rest to prepare for the adrenaline rush ahead.

Bungee Jumping Experience

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast. Transfer to the bungee jumping site, where you will receive a thorough safety briefing and get fitted with your gear. Experience the thrill of freefall as you take your leap of faith off the platform. After your jump, celebrate with your group and enjoy the stunning views from the jump site. Return to your accommodation for a relaxing afternoon, perhaps enjoying a spa treatment or a dip in the pool. In the evening, share your exhilarating experience over dinner and toast to your bravery.

Optional Adventure Activities or Departure

After breakfast, choose to spend the day exploring other activities the area offers, such as a scenic helicopter ride, white-water rafting, or a canopy tour. If you prefer a more relaxed day, unwind and explore the local culture and cuisine. Depending on your departure time, you might have a chance for some last-minute sightseeing or shopping. Check out from your accommodation and transfer to the airport for your journey home, leaving with unforgettable memories and a sense of accomplishment from your bungee jumping adventure.

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Important Information

Packing Tips:

  • Comfortable, athletic clothing for the jump.
  • Secure footwear (e.g., sneakers or closed-toe shoes).
  • Lightweight, casual wear for other activities.
  • Sun protection: hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
  • Camera or GoPro to capture the experience (if allowed).

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure you meet all health and safety requirements for bungee jumping.
  • Book any additional activities in advance to secure your spot.
  • Hydrate well and avoid heavy meals before your jump.
  • Follow all instructions provided by your guides for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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