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Dress code and clothing – what to wear in Kenya?

Dress code and clothing – what to wear in Kenya?

When it comes to clothing, you need to take extra caution as Kenya often exhibits unpredictable weather patterns. Here’s a basic guide of the kind of weather to expect at certain times of the month.

January- mid March: Most parts of the country are hot and dry. Light dressing would be appropriate. You can however carry moderate clothing for the cold nights.

Mid-march-June: Most parts of the country are experiencing the long rains, but the weather is warm. Carry warm clothing.

June-mid October: Fairly hot. The plains are green and it is a good time to explore. Carry a mix of light and warm clothing as the temperatures drop drastically in the evening and nights.

Mid-October-December: Short rains. Most parts of the country are fairly cold and wet. It would be in order to carry warm and light clothes.

A point to observe is that in the major Kenya cities, most people appreciate contemporary culture and don’t place too much emphasis on dressing. In the rural areas however, because of the reserved African culture, there still exist prejudice towards women dressing in excessively short skirts, short dresses or shorts and pants.

Business suits and business casual for men and ladies is the accepted wear if travelling to Kenya on business.

General prices in gift shops

  • Small items – rings, bracelets, necklaces and ash trays usually range between US$2 to US$5. Upscale curio shops may however double the prices.
  • Bigger items – traditional stools, chess boards, soapstone carvings usually range between US$15 and US$40

If you’re going on a tour, it would be advisable to consult with your tour guide, if you have one, as curio and gift shops often extend varying prices, depending on the customer. Some allow for a customer to bargain the offered price.


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